Mental health screening for women in Urban slums of old city

ByVoiceup Media

Feb 20, 2023

Hyderabad : HHF-SEED have signed an MOU with a mental wellness platform app, incubated by students of edventure.

The program was launched on Monday at HHF-SEED primary health care center in Masjid e Mohammed Mustafa in Rajendranagar.

Mental health will be an added dimension apart from Opthal, dental, Rehab, NCDs being done under one roof and as envisaged by WHO and Ayushman Bharath Health & Wellness program.

Most Women in Old city from weaker sections suffer from stress, depression and anxiety due to hardships, poverty, domestic violence etc. Mental Health is poorly understood and is a stigma and taboo for many.

With lack of services available at primary care level, many patients go undiagnosed and suffer silently for long.


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