Tin sheets of a eatery centre collapses at Aghapura, No casualties reported

ByVoiceup Media

Feb 19, 2023

Tin sheets of an eatery centre (Mahalaxmi Tiffin Centre) located at Aghapura under Goshamahal Constituency collapsed overnight around 10 PM on Saturday night.

No casualties have been reported in the incident, but some workers were reportedly injured.

According to GHMC  the shed collapsed suddenly in the course of changing tin sheets at Mahalaxmi Tiffin Centre.

“The GHMC team had proceeded to the spot and noticed, During the changing of tin sheets  in premises number 14-1-136/2/1 situated at aghapura  mahalaxmi tiffin centre had fallen old tin sheets around yesterday night 10.00 PM dt 18.02.2023, no casualties happened,” GHMC replied, in a tweet.

A video went viral on social media which showed people rushing to the spot and removing the tin sheets from the place.



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