Earthquake: death toll crosses 5 thousand, nearly 6 thousand building collapses in Turkey & Syria


Feb 7, 2023

The death toll continued to increase in deadly earthquake struck in Turkey and Syria. The rescue operations are still on and the people being shifted to safer places from affected areas in Turkey and Syria.

According to media reports, so far, more than 5 thousand people have died and around 6 thousand buildings have been collapsed due to the tremors of earthquake. The heart-touching videos being circulated on social networking sites wherein shown buildings collapsing one after another while the people running from one place to another to save their lives.

The teams pressed into rescue operations were seen bringing out children from the rubble of the buildings. The families who lost their loved ones seen weeping and praying finding the devastating impact has not only shattered dreams of the people but also left ruin and wreckage.

It may be mentioned here that 7.8 magnitude earthquake, the region has seen five major tremblers toppled the entire apartment blocks, wrecking hospitals, and leaving thousands more people injured or homeless.



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