Telangana Assembly budget session begins with Governor’s address


Feb 3, 2023

Hyderabad Feb 03: The Telangana Assembly Budget Session here on Friday started with Governor Tamilisai Soundarajan’s address in the joint session Assembly and Council.

In her address, Tamilisai Soundarajan highlighted and admired various initiatives taken up for people of all sections by the Government of Telangana. She said that the development of Telangana has emerged as a role model for the country.

“The inclusive and comprehensive development of Telangana has become a role model for the country. The state is progressing in a phenomenal manner on every front. The extra ordinary success of the State of Telangana is due to the blessing of the people. The skillful administration by the honorable chief minister,  the hard work of the people representatives by the dedication shown by the government employees,’’

Key points highlighted by the Governor’s in her address

“There was a time when the state suffered due to power cut and darkness across the state. Today efforts made and hard work done by my government there is 24 hours power supply, there is brightness and light everywhere,”

“There was time, when the entire agriculture sector was distressed, today, the state is able to supply food to the rest of the country and has become the granary of the country,’’

“There was time, when people used to fight every drop of water but the government has been able to provide water every household in the State. There was time, in the rural areas presented the picture of poverty and distress from there Telangana villages completely transformed and have become a models with very high quality of life. Telangana today is investor friendly, attracts the top class companies and multinationals, in IT and other sectors,’’

“My government faced innumerable challenges to bring the state from a desperate situation to what has become a model for the rest of the country,’’

“In a short span of eight and a half years, Telangana achieved a number of success. The whole country today is in awe of the progress made by Telangana. Today the state is not only economically strong, but also one of the top performers in the country in welfare and development,’’

Economic Development

Due to the enormous effort made by my government, the total receipts of the state which were a mere Rs 62,000 crores in 2074-75, have increased to Rs. 1,84,000 crores by 2021-22.  The per capita income of the state which was Rs 7,24,104 in 2014-15 has increased to Rs 3,17,115 by 2022-23.

“After formation of the State of Telangana, the growth rate of several sectors of the economy has now become double to it what it was earlier. This progress is due to the focus on capital expenditure by the government. I wholeheartedly congratulate the government for this spectacular progress,’’

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