Muslim leaders remind KCR of unfulfilled vows, demand 12 % reservation

ByVoiceup Media

Jan 30, 2023

Hyderabad: Muslims leaders here on Sunday organized a round table conference seeking the Telangana Government to fulfill promises made to the Muslims before the formation of the state.

The conference was attended by Muslims leaders, Scholars and intellectuals who discussed over the present situation and government stand with Muslims minorities and drew Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao’s attention towards the promises made to the Muslims to provide 12 per cent reservations in Telangana.

They alleged that the CM KCR had completely failed to ensure 12 per cent reservation to the Muslims in the State and just playing with the sentiments of the Muslims. They also reminded it that KCR has issued a GO in favour of ST community for providing 10 per cent reservation, but his commitment with Muslims has been overlooked.

“We have gathered here to draw Chief Minister of Talangana towards words given to Muslims Community to ensure 12 per cent reservation but nothing has been done to fulfill his promises. We want the Government to justify equally will all the community people in the State,’’ the speakers reminded in the conference headed by Mustaq Malik, JAC convenor.

They further discussed in the meeting that thousands applicants had been submitted for the minority loan, but the loan yet to relesed.

“Chief Minister KCR announced two lakh rupees financial assistance for the poor and deserving minorities in the State. But no proper initiatives taken by the Minority Finance Department to ensure the monetary help. Though the Government has failed to provide loan in last 8 years but we want it to fulfill his promises,’’ they demanded in the meeting.

In case of failure to fulfill promises the Muslim leaders, scholars, intellectuals undertake statewide agitation against the BRS party. The leaders include B. Chander Kumar, Aleem Khan, Mir Masood Khan, Mushtaq Malik, M A Qamar, and others were present.

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