Bihar: Dog goes on rampage, bites more than 100 people


Jan 29, 2023

A stray dog not only created fear among the people but also went on the rampage and attacked more 100 people in Arrah of Bihar State.

Locals complained that they were attacked by the same dog and many were rushed to the district hospital with dog bite cases.

“More than 100 people rushed to the district hospital with dog bites cases in Arrah. There are children and elders and Loungers who were given First Aid,’’ said,  Dr Navneet Kumar, a doctor.

In fact, the dog was beaten to death by the angry locals as the dog had gone on the rampage in the localities. The Rabies-infected dog had not only created fear among the residents but also targeted many in the areas.

According to the authorities before the team of the local civic body reach to catch the dog, locals had beaten to death the dog. “The god was beaten to death prior to the team reach and catch it,’’ said, one of the officials.

Locals further complained more than 100 people have been injured after they were bitten by the stray dog in the localities.

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