74th Republic Day: “The role of Muslim Freedom Fighters can’t be ignored”

ByVoiceup Media

Jan 26, 2023

The residents including men, women and children celebrated 74th Republic Day at various places in the old city of Hyderabad on Thursday. Political leaders from different parties were seen taking part in flag hoisting program held in different localities.

There were few, who remembered the Muslims Freedom Fighters & Their contribution for the country during the celebration.

“The role of Islamic leaders in the pre-independence freedom struggle still remembered in India. On the occasion of Republic Day, the sacrifices of unsung heroes were highlighted at some educational institutions in the old city of Hyderabad,’’ said, one of the residents from Charminar.

Besides organizing an elaborate programme after unfurling the Tricolor at many places and offices, markets, localities, the enthusiasts had installed banners displaying portraits of prominent Muslim Freedom fighters at some places.

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