Indonesia: Crocodile returns the body of a drown boy

ByVoiceup Media

Jan 24, 2023

A video appeared on social media showing crocodile carrying the body of a downed boy on it’s back and returned it to the rescue team Mahakam River in the East Kalimantan region of Indonesia.

According to the details, Mohammed Ziyad Wijaya, 4-years-old Maura Jawa of Indonesia was playing behind his home and had suddenly drowned in the Mahakam River.

The family had failed to find the body of the child and later rescue team had pressed into service to find the boy from the river.

Surprisingly, a huge crocodile appeared in the water carrying the dead body of the child and handed it over to the rescue team in the water.

The moment not only surprised but also shocked everyone in Indonesia.

According to the reports, no wounds were found in it except for a bite in the back that crocodile had to inflict when picking up the body from the river water and carrying it to the boat.

Then suddenly the crocodile disappeared in the water and video went viral on social media.

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