Uttarakhand: Joshimath declared sinking zone, scores of people evacuted


Jan 9, 2023

Scores of people have been evacuated from affected areas in Joshimath after it was declared a sinking zone.

The people living here complained that the matter was brought to the notice of the authorities about the sinking & cracking in the house but nothing has been done to initiate measures to deal with sinking land and developing cracks in the houses.

“The problem persists for the last 14 months, which has intensified overnight, forcing everyone to move to safer places. We feel insecure in s damaged house, but have no option but to stay in doors. Though the matter was brought to the notice of authorities much before, however nothing has been done to address the issue,” said, one of the residents at Joshimath.

The authorities, however, said that Joshimath has been declared a landslide subsidence zone and many families in affected homes in the sinking town, have been shifted to temporary relief centers.

The local administration has set up relief center’s at certain places in the Himalayan Town. The Chamoli District Magistrate, Himanshu Khurana has been busy finding out the damage by visiting door-to-door in the affected areas and asked people to move safer places who are living in the house that have developed cracks.

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