Rotten portion of a High Mast Pole comes to the fore, a big incident averted by removal of it on time


Jan 8, 2023

Dumping yards in the open space along with the electrical transformers and High Mast Poles are posing a serious threat to the people residing around.

Similarly, a big incident was averted by the removal of a High Mast pole on time, which was noticed by the traders at the Saber Nagar Colony area under Asif Nagar Mandal.

In fact, the pole was hanging on the cable support, after it got rotten from the down and was about to fall if it were not tied with cables.

Luckily, the traders alerted Transco Authorities about the pole condition, who rushed to the spot and removed it on time. The traders complained that the pole had rotten enough due to the existing of the pile of wastage at the dumping yard and the authorities were alerted about the matter, which was addressed.

“The dumping yard should be relocated or removed from here as the electrical transformer posing a serious threat. The authorities must take note of the problem being faced by the traders and people nearby,” said, one of the traders. 


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