A man has 12 wives, 102 kids, and 560 grandchildren in Uganda.


Jan 2, 2023

A man of 12 wives and father of 102 children has not only surprised many but also shocked to find him still fit and fine at the age of 67 and asked his wives of child-bearing age to take contraceptive pills.

Musa Hasany, a 67-year-old from Lusaka in Uganda says that the prevailing financial crisis does not allow him to have more children, due to limited sources of income.

Musa is basically a farmer, living together will family members under one roof in a 12-bedroom home situated in Lusaka of Uganda, as it is easy for Musa to take care of them and monitors his wives.

Musa said that he can tell his 102 children separately, but find it difficult to identify his more than 500 grandchildren.

He got first married Hanifa in 1921 when was just 16 years old. After their marriage, he dropped out of school and they got one daughter. At that time, Musa was a well-respected member of the community as a businessman and village chairman. So, he decided to expand his family by marrying more women as he was financially sound.

With the passage of time, Musa pushed for money and sought government’s help so as to could meet the daily requirement of his family members and children’s education.

Zulaika, his youngest wife, and mother of 11 children shared that she has seen a bad financial situation and is now taking birth control pills.

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