Hyderabad: Doodh Bowli road expansion work hangs in limbo


Dec 30, 2022

Charminar: The pathetic condition of the roads and pending expansion work between Doodh Bowli to Himmatpura has become a headache for the officer goers, students, and elderly persons.

Despite several representations made by the local leaders and the residents, the issue still persists for the past five years.

Raj Mohan, Puranapul Division Corporator, AIMIM told that several representations had been made to the GHMC higher-ups for the completion of the road expansion work in the locality, but no initiatives were taken to address the issue.

“The road expansion work has been pending for the last 5 years. GHMC commissioner and Zonal Commissioner are well aware of the issue, but no one is serious enough to address the problem being faced by the residents in the locality. Several presentations were made to GHMC officials but they are citing lack of budget causing delay in the work,’’ said, Raj Mohan, corporator AIMIM from Puranapul Division.

Mohammed Ahmed, TDP leader, alleged that the old city has been completely cornered and many pending issues were not being addressed by the concerned authorities.

“The expansion work of Doodh Bowli to Himmatpura is pending for the last 5 years which is causing much inconvenience to the people in the locality. Due to this, the road laying or repairing work is also not being taken up. Everyone passing through this route suffers a lot owing to the apathy of the GHMC authorities. Being a busy passage, everyone suffers a lot in peak hours in the area,’’ notified Mohammed Ahmed, TDP, Minority Vice-president.

He alleged that the encroachment was back to square one on the route, despite taking compensation from the GHMC for losing land in the course of the land acquisition project.

“There are some residents, who encroached the road again by accepting compensation as no one appears to inspect and complete the expansion work,’’ added Ahmed.

One of the residents, Raju Goud said that they had fed up with the prevailing unhealthy atmosphere and bad roads in the localities. He requested the GHMC mayor to carry out an inspection inside the localities to find out the fact and public sufferings.

The concerned authorities, when contacted, refused to comment on the matter despite several reminders and calls.

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