“Next 40 day will be crucial in the country,” Union Health Ministry

ByVoiceup Media

Dec 29, 2022

In the wake of steep increase in the number of Covid cases in China, Union Health Ministry on Wednesday indicated that next 40 days would crucial for the country, as it may see surge in infection in 2023. The coronavirus variant B.F7 has badly hit China and it continues to affect people.

According Government sources in case Covid wave does occur, then deaths and hospitalisation may be low, as most citizens in the country are vaccinated and also have natural immunity.

The passengers coming from China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong will have to fill up ‘Air Suvidha’ forms as well as 72 hour old RT PCR test could be made mandatory from next week.

The guidelines came into force after 40 passengers were found positive for Covid-19, who arrived from different countries. According to an estimate of the National Health Commission the preventive steps are being taken up in view of China’s covid surge that might have infected more that 200 million people or nearly 20 of its population.

The Union Health Ministry stated that covid positivity was declining in India. “The average daily cases between October 7-13 were 2408 which reduced to 153 between December 16-22,” 











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