Decades-old Ashoorkhana demolished at Karwan, triggers protest


Dec 29, 2022

A large portion of a decades-old Ashoorkhana located at Karwan Road was razed to build a complex by the caretaker unlawfully.

The caretaker reportedly is on the run to escape from legal action and arrest, as the Telangana State Waqf Board (TSWB) authorities and Waqf activists rushed to the site and stopped the construction work.  

Locals and Waqf activists staged a protest seeking immediate action against the persons involved in carrying out illegal demolition and construction.

Almost 100 years-old Ashoorkhana known as ‘Make Naal Saheb’ is said to be ‘Notified in Gazette’ No, 12-A, March 21-3-1985 admeasuring 748 Square Yards. The Naqar Khana, Niyaz Khana, Graveyard, and residence of Mujawar, all have been razed within three days.

The protest was led by Deccan Waqf Protection Society President Osman Bin Mohammed Al Hajri and sought criminal cases be booked against those involved in demolishing.

“There was a beautiful Kaman (Arch), Alawa, and graves inside the premises, but all of a sudden demolished overnight. The Ashoorkhana belongs to Waqf and the construction is being carried out illegally. They want to construct a big complex on the land. Everyone should be booked in this matter and I sincerely appeal Waqf Activists to come forward to raise their voice against the demolition of the Waqf properties,’’ said, Osman Bin Mohammed Al Hajri, while talking to media during the protest.

Syed Hamed Hussain Jaffery, president of Telangana Shia Youth Conference took strong exception against the demolition of the Ashoorkhanas and alleged that TSWB has completely failed to protect and maintain Ashoorkhana in Telangana.

“We have many such properties (Ashoorkhana) in GHMC limits but they are not safe. TSWB is not only maintain them properly but also has failed to safeguard them. During the demolition Naqar Khana, Niyaz Khana, Graveyard have vanished overnight,’’ said, Hamed Hussain Jaffery, president of Telangana Shia Youth Conference.

When contacted to Masiullah Khan, chairman TSWB told that the remaining parts of the Ashoorkhana were locked and legal initiatives were being taken.

“The property belongs to Waqf Board and demolition was carried out illegally. Action will be taken against those who are involved in this issue,” said, Mohd Masiullah Khan, Chairman of Telangana State Waqf Board.


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