Hyderabad: Viral fever grips old city, many cases reported daily


Dec 28, 2022

Old city residents are in the grip of viral fever with several cases of fever, cold, and throat infection being reported in the government and private health care centers.

Doctors attribute the factor behind the increasing number of viral fever cases to the ongoing weather conditions. Most of the patients are visiting nearby private clinics and hospitals in the old city of Hyderabad, with symptoms of throat infections, cold, cough, and fever.

Dr. Omer Farooq confirmed that daily many cases of viral fever are being reported in his clinic. “Children and elderly are particularly affected by viral fever. A lot of them are catching colds and coming to my clinic with fever, throat infections, and cough. There is a huge rush in my clinic with similar cases,’’ said, Dr. Omer Farooq at Asifnagar.

Mohammed Ahmed, TDP, the leader said that the unhealthy atmosphere in the localities adds to residents’ woes. He said that the pile of garbage and increasing mosquito menace has been a matter of concern for the people.

“The pile of Garbage, increasing mosquito menace, and unhealthy ambiance cause the immense problem to the inhabitants. The government has come out with failure formula ‘Dust-bin-Free’, which is proving opposite to it. Children, elders and others fall ill due to the prevailing atmosphere in the old city,’’ said, Mohammed Ahmed, TDP, leader.

The residents, however, wanted Government of Telangana and GHMC officials to take note of the prevailing situation in the areas and free medical camps.

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