Goshamahal: A large portion of road caved in at Chaknavadi area in Hyderabad


Dec 24, 2022

A large portion of the road suddenly caved in at Chaknavadi area under Goshamahal constituency in Hyderabad on Friday. As a result, three people were wounded while pushcarts and cars were damaged in the incident.

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) authorities are yet to ascertain the factor for the crack and crash in the road.  Bursting of a pipeline or blocking of sewage line is suspected of the cave in the road.

Locals complained that heavy vehicle entry and underground construction for high-rise complexes in the locality may be the reason behind cracked and crashed soil in the locality.

“Nobody take note of the increasing high-rise building construction in the locality and heavy vehicle entry might have caused the incident,’’ said, one of the residents.

The crack and crash jolted many for a moment in the locality as if an earthquake might have stricken them. As soon as possible they run and jumped out of the collapsing portion of the road.

“We the people were busy having tea, and tiffin outside the stalls, and suddenly the chairs and table fell down,’’ said, one of the shopkeepers Krishna. The trolley, car drivers, and vegetable vendors, who were standing on the road received injuries after the road caved in.

After the incident, GHMC officials rushed to the spot and brought out a vehicle stuck in the collapsed road. Meanwhile, party activists staged a protest seeking Municipal Minister K.T Rama Rao immediate visit in the locality to find out the fact and sorry state of the roads.


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