Hi-Tech City: ‘U-TURN’ closure adding to motorists’ woes


Dec 17, 2022

The unexpected and sudden closure of ‘U-TURN’ causing to add motorists’ woes in and around the Hi-Tech city. One has to bear long distances to take a U-turn or else will have to cough up challan in case of breaching the norms.

Already, traffic moves at a snail’s pace on the Hi-Tech route due to heavy traffic flow during peak hours causing much inconvenience to the people. Traffic cops rarely appear at the merging point or U-Turns regulating traffic, but the closure of the turning point has been a matter of concern for the employees.

“I took a new road to proceed towards Mehdipatnam via Raidurgam, but to my surprise, the passage was blocked by putting barricades and traffic movement had been diverted toward Cyber Toward. I kept moving bearing the traffic flow, when I wanted to take a U-turn suddenly found traffic personnel, who did not allow motorists to take a U-Turn then I had to take the Hi-Tech city route to get to Kothaguda road. There too route was blocked and diverted to Botanical Garden. Thus, I had to make a round of Hi-Tech City to get to Mehdipatnam,’’ one of the motorists Sai told Voiceup Media.

 The traffic coming from Guchibowli will have to face slow movement of the vehicle between Anjaih Nagar to Kothaguda X road. The motorists from Miyapur heading toward Madhapur, Hi-Tech city and Gachibowli have the same problem.

“Frequent traffic jams cause delays to reach our destination. Traffic Police personnel do not appear to regulate traffic and lead to the motorists,’’ rued, another motorist Varun.

The people and employees working in different MNCs companies requested Cyberabad Police to ensure providing U-Turn facilities and regulate traffic movement in the peak hours by deploying additional personnel in Hi-Tech City surroundings.

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