Hyderabad: ‘’More than 10 per cent unfit and scrapped Autos are being operated in city’’

ByVoiceup Media

Dec 14, 2022

More than 10 per cent Autos are being operated on roads in violation of rules, compromising the safety of passengers and, at the same time posing a serious threat to drivers, school children.

According to City Auto and Motor Cab Drivers Welfare Society (CAMCDWS) nearly 7 thousands scrapped and unfit autos were being operated in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

The matter, however, was brought to the notice of concerned authorities to intervene in the matter, but nothing has been done to ensure the safety of the passengers.

“Around 7 thousand scrapped autos are on the roads posing serious threat to passengers, who are unmindfully travelling from one place to another and the children are being picked up and dropped from their respective educational institutions. The matter was brought to the notice of the Transport Commissioner seeking immediate intervention in the matter. So far, no initiatives have been taken to find out the fact and take action against corrupted and erring authorities,’’ claimed, Mahmood Hussain Makke, president, City Auto and Motor Cab Drivers Welfare Society.

He notified that the scrapped Autos are being purchased at about Rs 11 thousand and in returned are being sold out between Rs 50-70 thousands.

“The vehicle shown as scrapped in RTA Official Records, but the same vehicle are running on the road. Such practice is on since 2008 and still is going on and we can prove it,’’ Ather Ahmed, another member of the society told media.

City Auto and Motor Cab Drivers Welfare Society, however, sought Government of Telangana to take immediate note of the alleged corruption in RTA and initiate probe into the matter.


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