YS Sharmila gets Muslim Minority support in Telangana?


Dec 11, 2022

Though Muslim Minorites did not explicitly announce support for Y.S. Sharmila in the State, a vast majority of the Muslims apparently eagerly wait to switch parties, if the YSRTP campaign gets momentum.

Late. Y.S. Rajashekar Reddy’s welfare schemes are still remembered by the people in the State and that will be an advantage for the YSR Telangana Party.

“The people of Telangana have been watching silently on the arbitrary reign of the Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao. It is obvious that the ruling party in Telangana is afraid of Y.S. Sharmila’s popularity, who is on a mission to expose the TRS party’s failure. We (Muslim Minorites) will support Y.S. Sharmila and we want to make it clear that CM KCR’s indiscriminate stand will no longer exist,’’ said, Syed Mateen Ahmed, leader, YSRTP.

He condemned the arrest of party president Y.S Sharmila and termed the police action a complete failure of the government.

“She was arrested to cover the failure of the present regime. Such a kind of attitude with YS Sharmila is a deplorable and unacceptable one. CM KCR is adopting BJP’s ideology by creating hurdles in YS Sharmila’s Padyatra,’’ added, a Muslim Minority leader.


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