Hyderabad: Old city pensioners are forced to make rounds of the offices for pension


Dec 10, 2022
Elderly men, women, and widow pensioners are forced to make rounds of the offices for the monetary aid assigned by the government of Telangana. Several pension cards have been issued among the aging persons in the old city, but the disbursement of pensions is yet to undertake. 
Manju Latha, 57 years old from Charmahal area under Bahadurpura Mandal was issued a pension card but she did not get even a single paisa and has been waiting desperately for the last four months.
“I didn’t get a pension for the last four months, though I have a pension card also despite this I am forced to make rounds of the offices. Already, we suffer a lot at this age and such kind of attitude deeply hurt our sentiments,’’ rued, one of the lady pensioners Manju Latha. 
Though the matter was brought to the notice of concerned authorities and local leaders to intervene in the issue, they find none to help them out. 
“it is not up to the pension, but there are many people, who have applied for the Shaadi Mubarak, Kalayana Laxmi schemes yet to receive the amount. Officials came and went with the entire details of the applicants, in spite of all the processes yet to initiate, and kept the people waiting for the last several months,’’ said, Mohammed Ahmed, TDP, leader 
Pending applications and the slow pace of the process not only upset pensioners and applicants in the old city but seek clarification from the Government of Telangana in this regard.
When contacted MRO, Bahadurpura, she claimed that the pension had been sanctioned and was being distributed among the beneficiaries without fail.
“Pension has been sanctioned and is being distributed among the beneficiaries. The incomplete process or Adhar link issue may be the reason behind delaying the pension,” said, Zubida Begum, MRO, Bahadurpura

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