Hyderabad: Poor condition of old city roads upset people


Dec 8, 2022

Hyderabad: Old city roads continue to remain a nightmare for commuters, traders and residents, as most of the roads, especially Motigalli, Chowk, Chowmohalla, Charminar, and other roads have not been re-carpeted for the past several months.

The crude patchwork that was carried out to fill potholes and broken stretches does not last even for months due to the poor quality of material used and lack of proper supervision.

The condition of some roads in the city is so bad that motorists are finding it difficult to commute. The residents complained that Likewise, interior roads in residential areas were also in bad shape and repair works needed to be carried out at the earliest.

The condition of other link roads and main roads in and around the Charminar is also not different. The most affected roads are Charmahal, Chowk, Charminar bus turning point, Misrigunj, Nawab Sahab Kuntta. The residents notified that several complaints had been made to the official concerned, but no initiatives have been taken to resolve the issue.

“Old city has completely been cornered by the Government of Telangana. GHMC authorities are cited to be out of budget to lay roads in the localities. The government as if has focused towards new city development, while the old city pending works remained a distant dream for the residents,’’ said, Mohammed Ahmed, TDP, Minority GHMC Minority vice-president.

The situation turns worse at Motigalli road, when its rain or halting of buses due to the pathetic condition of the road. Off late, storm drain water pipeline work had been carried out and since then the road is in bad condition.

“The road needs immediate repair as it has not been carpeted for the last four months. The matter was brought to the notice of the authorities, but nothing has been done to address the issue,’’ rued, one of the shopkeepers, Hanif at Chowk.

When contacted Ashok Samrath, Zonal Commissioner, GHMC south zone did not reply to phone calls or messages to seek clarification about the issue being faced by the residents and commuters in the old city of Hyderabad.


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