Hyderabad: Muslims demand TRS Government to fulfill promises


Dec 3, 2022

A score of political leaders and non-political organizations on Thursday had gathered at Indra Park to protest against the TRS Government alleged failure to keep up its pre-poll promises, which include 12 percent reservation for Muslims in education and employment.

The protestors including Congress, CPI and the members from different organizations took part in the agitation held at Dharna Chowk and demanded the Telangana government to fulfil it’s promises made to the Muslims.

Syed Aziz Pasha, former MP, CPI said that Waqf land was being grabbed by the land mafia in the state due to the apathy of the Government as it reportedly failed to give judicial power to Telangana State Waqf Board.

“We want to know the government of Telangana as to why not give judicial power to TSWB? Out of 77.6 lakh acres, 57.7 lakh acres have encroached. Despite this, no corrective steps have been taken to safeguard the Waqf properties in the State,’’ said, Aziz Pasha, while addressing the gathering at Indra Park.

Osman Bin Mohammed Alhajir, President, of Deccan Waqf Protection Society and Congress leader said that TSWB is unable to reclaim the expensive lands being grabbed by the land mafia. However, the members including Prof. Anwar Khan, M.A. Siddiqui and others urged upon Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao to fulfill his promises made to the Muslims and ensure giving judicial power to TSWB without any further delay.

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