Awareness programme organized by Rein Bazar Police


Nov 24, 2022

In view of increasing Cybercrime cases being reported in different parts of the Hyderabad.

Bhavani Nagar Police has organized an awareness programme, asking people not to fall into fraudsters prey by sharing OTPs, or dealing with any beguiling lottery links on the phones.

A women Police officer attached to Bhavani Nagar Police Station in the old city of Hyderabad urged people to be more alert, while dealing any link or message receive on phone. She also advised people not to disclose OTPs else one may deprive from money.

Speaking to media persons, Admin SI, Nasrin Begum of Rein Bazar Police Station said that the trend to dupe people, has seen increased and several gullible people deprived from their money.

“Cybercrime cases related OTPs, LoanApp frauds are being reported at several places. The problem starts with someone (he/ she) by downloading the loanApps. They do not realize it while downloading the Apps as their data being transferred including pictures etc. If someone borrows money through this App or if he/she fails to repay the amount or additional one, then they may be face harassment. They may blackmail you by morphing your pictures to collect more money. So, do not proceed with any beguiling link or message receive on your phones,’’ explained, Nasrin Begum, Admin SI, Rein Bazaar Police Station.

She further suggested people to ensure safety and security ones’ account, in case of any transaction alert to Bank immediately within 24 hours.

“Rein Bazar Police has organized an awareness programme with a purpose to educate people regarding safety and security, while dealing any link or message receive on the phones. Also, they should avoid sharing OTPs,’’ said, woman Police official. 


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