Earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1 hits northwest in Turkey, 30 injured


Nov 23, 2022
Earthquake with a magnitude 6.1 has hit northwest in Turkey in the wee hours of Wednesday. As a result, 30 people reportedly injured in this quake and authorities have been pressed into rescue operation being carried in affected areas.
According to Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management, the quake was centred in the town of Goldaya in Duzce province, almost 200 kilometers east of Istanbul.
As the tremors began to felt, the people were seen rushing out of the their buildings, houses and they had to spent many hours away from their respective abodes.
The quake not sent alarm among people but also power outage caused to add their woes.
Duzce’s Mayor Faruk Ozlu informed that there was no immediate report of casualty or damaged, but the authorities were trying to find out the about the possible destruction in the earthquake.

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