Palestinians feel alone, find no should to cry on.


Nov 20, 2022

Pre-dawn or late-night Israeli forces raids and Israeli settlers’ attacks on Palestinians is seen increasing day by day. Men, women, children, youths and even elders feel insecure and find none to help them out.

The journalists are barred from covering prevailing untoward incidents being reported from many parts of the Palestine. Palestinians’ properties are being targeted and they were being attacked by the Israeli settlers along with Israeli forces.

Several Palestinian NGOs have raised their concerned over the Israeli plan to expel Palestinians families from their homes in the Batn Al-Hawa neighbourhood in Jerusalem.

“Israeli forces harass Palestinian journalists while covering the Israeli settlers’ attacks in Hebron. No one feels safe and secure, as the Colonial Israeli settlers attack Palestinians in Hebron, such attacks are being carried out in presence of Armed forces,’’ informed, Palestinians NGOs.

It is further notified that Israeli forces assault Palestinians in central Hebron and force them out of the area, securing passage to the Israeli colonial settlers to hold provocative rituals

“Around 30,000 Israeli settlers, accompanied by Israeli occupation forces, have broken into the city of Hebron to perform provocative rituals. During the invasion, they assaulted a number of Palestinians, causing them serious injuries, and attacked their stores and houses,’’ Palestinians shared the details and vides on social media.

The aggression of the Israeli Forces with Palestinians, are brought to the light through social media. In a video showed how an Israeli solider firing live ammunition towards Palestinians houses in the city of Hebron.

Palestinian youths, children are being detained and attacked by Israeli forces at several places in Palestine. Protected by lsraeli forces, lsraeli colonial settlers aggressively assaulted Palestinians in Bab al-Zawiyah area in central Hebron.

A Mother of Palestinian child Haitham Mubarak, who was shot dead by Israeli forces in Baytin village, east of Ramallah, bid the last farewell to her son with tearful eyes.

Israeli forces and Israeli settlers’ aggression with Palestinians is seen increasing with each passing day.  The ongoing and increasing uncertainty in Palestine is largely deplored against the Israelis aggression.

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