“Big scammers are still at large and, when their arrest will be made,’’ Investors


Nov 18, 2022

Thousands of investors have been waiting tentatively to hear any good news of fugitive Mukti Raj, owner of the Multyjet Trading Private Limited apprehension.

On the other hand, Kunjathbail Mujib Sayyad/ k Mujib Sayyad, Administrator, Max Crypto Trading Company, is also staying in Dubai with investors money. Both of these conmen wanted in Hyderabad for cheating thousands of people to tune of nearly Rs 500 crores.

Though the complaints have been made in Central Crime Station Hyderabad (CCS) against the company owners, but so far none was arrested in the big scams of the year.

The Hyderabad Central Crime Station (CCS) team learnt to have found that just the before the scam, the funds from the current account of the Meltyjet Trading Company were diverted to individual accounts.

The officials suspect that the fugitive Mukthy Raj might be hiding in Mumbai. Apparently, indicates that the accused might be an employee of handlers from other states.

“All possible efforts and struggle are made, on behalf our side also, to find out any lead in this scam. Also, some of us plan to registered police complaints in different police stations against the company owner (Mukhti Raj),’’ said, one of the investors, Ali.

Similarly, Max Trading Company’s investors have been waiting anxiously to get their at least principal amount. They too get nothing except lamenting and seeking immediate action against the company administrator Mujeeb.

“We did not expect to face or undergo such suffering. The conman Mujeeb is still away from the scene and whoever is involved along with him, must be punished,’’ said, Ahmad, who invested in Max Crypto Company Trading, in Dubai.

The company had lured the people, claiming to be a key shareholder in different sectors including petroleum, real estate etc, in Dubai.   

In fact, the online trading has not only deprived many from their money but also left in the lurch. “We have next to nothing and this scam made us on the road,’’ rued, another investor, Murli.



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