Scam!!!! Another Trading Company dupe investors of Rs 100 crores in Hyderabad


Nov 16, 2022

It seems that the capital of Telangana (Hyderabad) has turned into a heaven for the fraudsters to deceive people with beguiling offers and benefits. Similarly, one more Trading Company by name (MultyJet Trade Private Limited) owner Muthiraju of Multijet allegedly cheated  thousands of people of Rs 100 crores. The company had offered Rs 2 thousand profit everyday on an investment of Rs 1 lakh, but the investors stopped receiving return and company was shut.

Scores of investors had gathered outside the Central Crime Station (CCS) office on Tuesday, seeking immediate action against the Multyjet Trade Company owner, for cheating and taking thousands of people money. They said that it deeply hurt them and made them on road, as they have invested crores of rupees in that company with a hope to get enough profit, unfortunately they fell into its prey.

The investors told Media that the withdrawal process was stopped suddenly and then it failed to clarify in this regard. They grew suspicious and started making rounds of the office, which came to halt abruptly.

“We have around 9 thousand members (investors), who deposited crores of rupees in Multyjet Trading Company Private Limited, as it had assured to give 2-3 percent return on the base of investment. But today we all here to request Police to nab him and return our money,’’ said, one of investors.

There were others, who sold out their ancestral land or mortgaging gold, house, flats to invest their money to trade into the business. “I have invested more than Rs 20 lakh by selling out my ancestral land in the village. But today it not only shocked but deeply hurt our sentiment,’’ another investor told media.

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