Hi-Tech city: Haphazard parking creates chaos at Kothaguda


Nov 16, 2022

Haphazard parking of vehicles on the road sides between Anjaihnagar to Kothaguda leads to massive traffic jam during peak hours. Drivers often park their cars in a wrong way, thus blocking the entry and exit of parking lots.

Locals complained that use of four wheelers increasing and cars need more parking space, the existing parking lots of shopping centers for visitors is insufficient to handle the rush in the peak hours.

Traffic Police personnel and Privat Security Guards appears helpless to regulate the traffic movement on this route. Already, the ongoing Kondapur-flyover work has become a headache for the motorists and wrong side parking and halting vehicles amid the route, causing immense problem to the motorists.

“Drivers try to park or halt their vehicles near the entrance or amid the way, expecting to get passenger, drop, or pick up them. Attendants keep a tab and guide drivers accordingly. Due to this, traffic movement come to halt and leads to a massive traffic snarl on the busy route,’’ said, one of the regular commuters, Mahesh.

Situation worsens, especially during evening as the IT and other employees, return home and visitors head for shopping in the locality. “One has to face lot of difficulties to get out from a massive prevailing traffic chaos Guchibowli to Kondapur in the evening hours,’’ Murli, one of the shopkeepers at Kothaguda told Voiceup Meida.

The traffic heading towards Hi-Tech City, Kondapur, Miyapur will to have lot of hurdles and motorists going towards Hi-Tech City, Madhapur, Kothaguda, Guchibowli will have to face the similar situations.

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