Hyderabad: MANUU celebrates 200-years of Urdu Journalism


Nov 14, 2022

Hyderabad:  A three-day International Conference is being organized to celebrate, the completion of 200-years of Urdu Journalism in Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU), Hyderabad. The conference is being organized by the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism of MANUU. 

S.H. Awwad, journalist from Syria said that Hyderabad a city of civilization and language plays a very important role in the prospering of culture and Indian culture through the Urdu language, which has crossed borders and reached various countries and had an impact on people.

“Being a journalist will have to learn the language of the land and it is released that Urdu is the language of revolution. Credibility is an important factor in Urdu journalism that can help in keeping the field strong. Journalism is about the truth and nothing but the truth,’’ S.H. Awwad, a scribe from Syria threw light on the importance of Urdu Journalism.

Mr Hasan Kamal, spoke on the theme that, “the past of Urdu is inspiring the present is a bit down and the future is bright,’’ He highlighted the decline in print media caused by online media and the internet. According to him, online media will reduce the costs of running a newspaper, as printing is not needed anymore.  

He referred to a prominent lyricist and writer Javed Akhtar and said that according to Javed Akhtar the growth of online media people would listen more and read less.

He also said that Urdu might be one of the most spoken languages in the world. However, he advised the students of Mass communication to take advantage of social media and shape the revival of Urdu Journalism. 

Prof Syed Ainul Hasan, Vice Chancellor, MANUU said that the University had 32 campuses and education is being provided in both regular and distance modes. He said that in one year the university has given 20,000 degrees in the distance mode to students from across the country. He said that 70 to 75 percent students at MANUU are first generation learners and yet have immense love for Urdu.

Swapan Das Gupta, renowned journalist and parliamentarian said that a language cannot be regulated. He said that society itself adapts to various languages. He further said that some Urdu newspapers are in decline in Kolkata, where Urdu journalism started. According to him, the future of Urdu journalism lies in digital media as the media is independent of the script.

Prof. Sanjay Dwivedi the director of IIMC, New Delhi threw light on the role of journalism in the freedom movement and highlighted the role of the Urdu language in bringing the revolution that led to the freedom of India. “it is the time for Going back to our languages and creating communicators, who bring the revolutionizing spirit back into the field of journalism,’’

The others also have expressed their views on the importance of a Urdu language, which has brought revolution in the Indian History and have bring future for the coming generation.

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