FTX Founder ‘say sorry’ as his company collapsed


Nov 14, 2022

Crypto Exchange FTX Founder, San Bankman Fried apologized, as his firm collapsed.

After filing for bankruptcy, Sam Bankman Fried, in a series of tweets addressed his followers to say sorry that he has completely cleaned out (Bankrupt).  

He wrote in a series of tweets that, “I’m really sorry, again, that we ended up here. Hopefully, things can find a way to recover. Hopefully, this can bring some amount of transparency, trust and governance to the

m. Ultimately hopefully it can be better for customers,’’

He further says that present situation does not indicate that the company has come to an end. “This does not necessarily have to mean the end for the companies or their ability to provide value and funds to the

ir customers chiefly, and can be consistent with other routes.’’ Adding that, “I’m going to work on giving clarity on where things are in terms of user recovery ASAP.’’


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