Hyderabad: Unhealthy atmosphere irk old city residents.

ByVoiceup Media

Nov 10, 2022

The overflowing drains and pile of garbage in many parts of old city of Hyderabad, has been a matter of concerned for the residents. Several complaints are allegedly made to concerned authorities about the problems being faced by the locals, but no initiatives were taken yet to address the issues.

Similarly, the resident of Himmatpura, Alijah Kotla, Shahalibnda and Ramnaspura have turned into a breeding ground for mosquitoes and stray animals. Due to this, this the residents and commuters are facing difficulties.

Apart from this, increasing case of viral fever have added to the residents’ woes in the localities. They alleged improper sanitation and irregular lifting of the wastage caused to create unhealthy ambience in the areas.

“The unhealthy atmosphere is affecting the health of children and elderly people. I am in touch with GHMC authorities and drew their attention towards unhealthy environment, but no one take this matter seriously,’’ said, one of the residents Mateen.

Mohammed Ahmed, TDP, Minority Vice President told Voiceup Media that the residents have fed up with the apathy of the officials concerned. The contractors allegedly failed to carry out proper work in the many areas that led to overflowing drains and adding wastage in the areas.

“The role of the GHMC authorities and contractors should be probed and vigilance inquiry should be initiated in this matter. Many times, have complained in person and on twitter about the prevailed unhealthy atmosphere in those area. But I don’t understand, why they are not serious towards their responsibilities?’’

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