“Human trafficking is on rise in Hyderabad and Govt fails to take strong action against agents,’’ MBT

ByVoiceup Media

Nov 10, 2022

Hyderabad: Majlis Bachao Tehreek (MBT) claimed that Human Trafficking is on the rise in and around the Capital (Hyderabad) of Telangana post lockdown. Specially, woman are falling pray to travel agents and allegedly no corrective steps being taken by the Government of Telangana or Police Department to control over the cases.

Asra Fatima from Hyderabad had stuck up in UAE since last ten months was finally rescued and she returned safely.

“There has been steep rise in human trafficking cases being reported post lockdown in and around Hyderabad with no serious action from Telangana Govt or Police Department to control this menace. Since last ten years has been raising the human trafficking issue and several men and women, who had stuck up abroad after being cheated. We have been working on this issue to control and create awareness among people through social media as how men and women are being trapped in the good jobs with handsome pay, but ultimately landing in trouble,’’ said, Amjed Ullah Khan, spokesman, MBT.

In fact, the women and men generally are sent to abroad with certain work, but on reaching there they have to work as housemaid, Goat, Camel rearing and getting stuck up for years.

Mr Khan said that this human trafficking has become as a cancer to society and there has been zero conviction by cases reported to police department in past ten years, not a single travel agent has been sent under PD Act till now.

One more such case was reported to Amjed Ullah Khan, Spokesman, MBT who rescued her, Asra Fatima, Widow, resident of Mallepally mother of two daughters among them one physically handicapped was in search of a job to arrange money for surgery of her daughter, who was offered a job to work as a nurse to newly born twins in UAE for which she was promised that she will be paid Rs 40 thousand per month and the job will be for two years.

“She thought that if she works for five months, she can arrange money for her handicapped daughter’s surgery and went to Dubai, UAE on Dec 16, 2021 and was taken to Alain, UAE handed over to an Arab family where, she had to look after two newly born twins and two other children’s plus was asked to do all house hold work like cleaning, sweeping, washing clothes, cooking etc and had to work minimum 18 hours daily,’’ informed, MBT spokesperson.

It was further informed that somehow she worked for nearly eight months and was not paid salary, Due to work pressure and had to be awake whole night and without proper food and accommodation, she fell ill and wanted to return home. But the the employer sold her to another agent, who kept her locked in his house cum office along with other women for four days, but with help of some local persons, she got in touch with police, who rescued her and she started living in Ajman, UAE in one of her relatives house.

Her Kafeel was demanding 10,000 Dirham to give back her passport back. Her aunt Ghousia Begum approached Amjed Ullah Khan (Spokesman) MBT who raised this issue with Dr Subrahmanyam Jaishankar Minister for External Affairs and Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, UAE and Indian Consulate in Dubai, UAE who not only rescued her and sent her back by arranging Ticket to her. She met Amjed Ullah Khan and thanked him for rescuing her.




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