Hyderabad: A herd of buffaloes bring to halt traffic over PVNR Expressway

ByVoiceup Media

Nov 6, 2022

Hyderabad :  A herd of buffaloes caused traffic jam at the busy PVNR Expressway in the late-night on Sunday.

The video was captured by the vehicular on the presence of a herd of buffaloes, where two-three wheelers and passersby are allowed to use the passage.

In the viral video shown a long queue of cars on the busy expressway, due to the presence and roaming of a herd of buffaloes, which immense inconvenience to the people.

The traffic going towards Shamshabad Airport and heading towards Mehdipatnam had to wait for several minutes.

Some drivers from their car alighted and tried to remove a heard of buffaloes amid the way. 


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