Hyderabad: Dubai-based Max Crypto Trading Company dupe people to the tune of $30 Million, RS 200 crores INR

ByVoiceup Media

Nov 5, 2022

Hyderabad: A large number of people from Hyderabad were reportedly conned by a Dubai-based Max Crypto Trading Company. The company had introduced a beguiling offer ‘Invest and Earn Three Types of Income” including Binary Investment, Return on Investment (ROI), Referral Income, Binary Matching and so on within a time frame.

The investors unmindfully and blindly trusted Max Crypto Trading Company and deposited lakhs of rupees. The Investors, however, were paid ROIs in the form of USDTs for the few weeks. Afterward, the company came out with a concept to launch MCC coins and the investors were asked to purchase them. Many of them agreed and purchased the coins, as they were hoping to see good benefits and a chance to become rich in a span of time.  But in return, they got exactly opposite of it, as the withdrawal process was suspended for a couple of weeks citing technical issues and upgrading the system.

On queries and calls of the worried investors, the Max Crypto Authorities clarified that the investors would be paid in MCC coins rather than USDTs, which was against the commitment made by the company to return the profit in USDTs not in coins.

The investors took strong exception against the Company’s proposal and demanded their money back. The mastermind from Max Crypto Trading Company, administrator Mujeeb made it clear that all the investors would be paid in coins and had no option but to purchase them (coins) else lose one’s investment.

Thus, scores of investors narrated the entire story about the fraud and some of them even have registered police complaints against Max Trading Company.

According to sources, key conspirator Mujeeb reportedly has started a new company by name ACG to make more people fool from Dubai.

Mohammed Amjad, Mohammed Ali, Abdul Sattar, Raju, Younous, Afroze, Sayeed, Mukarram Ali and several others rued that they were cheated by the one Kunjathbail Mujib Sayyad Mohammed, administrator Max Crypto Trading Company and had promised to return the money in USDTs.

“A big online fraud racket existing in Dubai by the name “Max Crypto Trading ” is looting and cheating gullible people. it lures common citizens to enjoy triple profits on the investment in Max Crypto Trading. Several others also fell prey to the company’s beguiling offers in Hyderabad. The key person Kunjathbail Mujib Sayyad Mohammed, administrator of the company, is not responding and does not return the money,’’ said Mukarram Ali, who filed a police complaint in Hyderabad.

Many others, who have purchased MCC Coins lamented saying that the coins were sold at the price of 0.25 to the investors in lieu of USDTs, but the actual coins price have no value in the market.

“We are the victims including Mohd Imran Hussain, Mohd Abdul Khaliq, Syed Ghouse, M.K.M Ali Khan and many others were cheated by one Kunjathbail Mujib Sayyad Mohammed, claimed to be the owner of Max Crypto Trading Company (Dubai-based) to the tune of $30 Million, approximately 200 crores,’’ the other complaints alleged in a police complaint.

When Voice up media contacted Max Crypto Trading Company there was no response and Voiceup Media have more details in this regard.


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