Partial Solar Eclipse was seen in India

ByVoiceup Media

Oct 25, 2022
Partial Solar Eclipse was seen in India

The Partial and Last Solar Eclipse of the year-2022 was seen from various parts of the country on Tuesday. The Eclipse was seen from different cities including Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Lucknow, Chandigarh Amritsar, Karnataka, UP, Rachi, and other parts of the places in India.

Faculty, students and everyone else from the different place witnessed Solar Eclipse-2022, through strips of exposed x-ray films and sun glasses during the Eclipse. The Solar Eclipse was started around 4:30 pm and respectively was seen a few minutes distance.

The Partial Eclipse across the world with maximum of 82 per cent covered at greatest phase, which means no place on earth will see the Eclipse as total or annular, but parietal one. It may be mentioned here that last solar eclipse visible in India occurred on June, 21, 2020, whereas the next eclipse visible across India leaving very few place will occur on August 2, 2027.

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