Many sustained burn injuries during Diwali celebrations in Hyderabad

ByVoiceup Media

Oct 25, 2022
many injured in crackers busting

Many people have sustained burn injuries, while bursting fire crackers at several places in Hyderabad on Monday.

According to the details, almost 30 people have received burn and eye injuries during Diwali Celebrations in certain parts of Hyderabad on Sunday and Monday.

The number of injured persons is likely to increase, as the cases from other parts of the district approaching to state-run Sarojni Devi Hospital and Osmani General Hospital.

Roughly 18 people received treatment for burn injuries at Osmani General Hospital, while one of them, who received 95 per cent burn injuries being treated at the same hospital. The remaining patients were provided medica for minor burn injuries.

Dr. G. Nagender, Superintendent, Osmania General Hospital said that 17 people with burn injuries were treated in outpatient department, while one person with 95 percent burn injuries was admitted and his condition is quite serious.

As many as 10 people with eye injury were treated at State-run Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital, while four of them have been admitted to the hospital. Accordign to Sarojni Hospital, a kid has reportedly received serious injury to his eyes and he is expected to undergo surgery in the hospital.

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