PM Modi meets soldiers in Kargil, “Peace is impossible with strength,’’

ByVoiceup Media

Oct 24, 2022
PM Modi meets soldiers

Prime Minister Narender Modi on Monday said that Diwali signifies the festival of the end of the terror and that Kargial had made it possible.

Speaking to soldiers in Kargil on the occasion of Diwali, PM Modi said that, “anyone who casts an evil eye on the Nation, the armed forces have the strength to give a befitting reply on them,’’

He reminded the 1999 Kargil War saying that, “From the land of Kargil, there has not been a single war with Pakistan where Kargil has not hoisted the flag of victory. The meaning of Diwali is end of terror and Kargil made it possible,’’

It may be mentioned that during 1999, Pakistani soldiers, bulk of them drawn from norther light infantry and commandoes from special services group and fighters from many militant groups had occupied vantage points atop the towering mountain peaks the overlooks the strategic Srinagar-Leh Highway. During the battles Indian Army had managed to win back it’s territory after two months fight. In that battle, more than 500 Indian Army officers and soldiers were killed in the Kargil War.

“India going is up and it is possible because India has been successful in dealing with the enemies outside and insider,’’ said, Prime Minister Narender Modi. The Prime Minister also said that India had always considered war as last option. Whether it took place in Lanka or Kurukshetra till the end, every effort was made to prevent it. “We are in the favour of world peace, but anyone who cats an evil eye on the nation, our forces are capable to give a befitting reply to them, Peace is impossible with strength,’’

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