Clarification on the complaint filed against ‘Hyderabad Diaries’

ByVoiceup Media

Oct 24, 2022
Gullu Dada

Hyderabad: Adnan Sajid Khan, is a comedian and actor, popularly known by his stage name Gullu Dada here on Monday clarified on the complaint lodged with Falaknuma Police against ‘Hyderabad Diaries’ (YouTube Channel) for its alleged and controversial content over the role of video and photographers in the functions.

Gullu Dada, clarified that there was no such intention to hurt someone’s feeling and the video was just made up for entertaining purpose only. He said that the role of different photographers was played on the base of true life and situations. He urged people not to take anything personally and opined them to extract positive things from the videos making on various situations.

“The videos and movies are generally made up on certain true life and situations. Something may be added in for entertaining purpose only. But it does not mean someone to take everything personally and lodge complaint with the police. If someone personally is attacked or name in any character then sure it can be filed complaint,’’ Explained, Gullu Dada, on behalf of Hyderabad Diaries, a famous comedian YouTube Channel in Hyderabad.

He further made it clear that making of videos on different characters including Doctor, Engineers, Hotelier etc, would continue. “I am running a hotel, if such type of video comes up, I will take it wrong but will extract positive things from it,’’ added, Adnan Sajid Khan.

It may be mentioned here that Hyderabad Video and Photographers Association have lodged a complaint with Falaknuma Police seeking action against YouTube Channel ‘Hyderabad Diaries’ for allegedly hurting it’s sentiments. The Association took strong exception against the characters shown in the content of Hyderabad Diaries over the type of photographers in the functions.

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