Hyderabad: Complaint filed against YouTube Comedy Channel “Hyderabad Diaries”

ByVoiceup Media

Oct 23, 2022
Complained filed against Hyderabad Diaries

Hyderabad: A complaint has been filed against a famous YouTube Comedy Channel ‘Hyderabad Diaries’ for reportedly posting an objectional content against photographers.

On Saturday, The Hyderabad Video and Photographers Association (HVPA) has lodged a complaint with Falaknuma Police seeking immediate action against Youtubers for allegedly vilifying the profession.

The Association alleged that roles, which were played was an unacceptable one and caused to hurt its sentiments.

“An objectionable content appears on a YouTube Channel ‘Hyderabad Diaries’ about the Photographers. Due to this, our sentiments were deeply hurt by the roles, which were played of photographers in video. So, we have filed a complaint against the channel for tarnishing our image and giving a wrong message among people, ’said, Mohammed Younous, General Secretary, Hyderabad Video and Photographers Association.

The Association members including Wajid Khan, Syed Ali took strong exception and said that the people engage them for any function with a belief and such type presentation would obviously give a wrong message among general public.

They, however, demanded the removal of the content from the YouTube immediately.


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