Kondapur: People suffer from bad roads, traffic jams

ByVoiceup Media

Oct 20, 2022
Kondapur bad roads

Kondapur: Slow pace of flyover work, frequent roads blockage, traffic jams and bad roads cause much inconvenience to the people at Kondapur.

During peak hours, the people going toward Hi-Tech city, Gachibowli and traffic heading toward Kondapur, Miyapur and other parts of the places will have to suffer a lot.

“I daily take this route to reach Hi-Tech city in the morning, but to my surprise the traffic hurdles continued to remained the same. Many times, traffic movement is diverted due to ongoing flyover work. Also, pathetic condition of the roads cause to add public woes. The authorities should take note of the prevailing situations on this route,’’ said, Mahesh, a techie.

At night, haphazard parking and huge rush from Anjaih Nagar to Kondapur has become a headache for the motorists.

“One can see the traffic movement comes to halt or traffic moves at a snail pace here. The traffic Police should ask shopping mall owners to ensure proper parking lot in their respective premises for the visitors. But no one appears serious towards this issue, while the traffic cop rush to impose fine on common citizens citing traffic norms violations. Such traffic norms violations are not being taken into consideration,’’ said, Sohail, a regular motorist from Kondapur.

Apart from this, the road leading towards Kondapur are in pathetic condition and give bumpy ride to motorists.

“After rain waterlogging and potholes cause immense trouble to vehicular on this route,’’ another motorist Pankuj told Voiceup Media.


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