Hyderabad: Two debt-ridden men commit suicide, left videos before ending their lives

ByVoiceup Media

Oct 20, 2022
Debt-ridden men commit suicide in Hyderabad

Two men from different places in the old city of Hyderabad on Wednesday ended their lives due to alleged harassment and debts. The matter came to light on Thursday by the relatives seeking immediate actions against financers.

Nizamuddin, 31, resident of Bada Banda area under Kulsumpura Police Station Limits had purchased a mobile phone from Bajaj Finance on Installment. The man, however, had failed to pay two months installment and since then he was getting phone calls by the representatives to clear the dues.

Unable to bear  the alleged torture, Nizamuddin, decided to commit suicide and made a video before ending his life and held responsible to Bajaj Finance agents for his extreme steps.

“I do not have any problem with my loved ones, but I have fed up with mounting debts and harassment by the representatives of the Bajaj Finance. Forgive me for this extreme step, as I am unable bear this torture,’’ Nizamuddin said, in his more than one minute video before his suicide.

The victim wife told Media that Bajaj Finance agents reportedly called him several times and threatened him for not paying mobile phone EMI that led his husband to end life.

“The Bajaj Finance representatives had come home to recover my mobile phone EMI. They had been harassing my husband for the last one week and threatened to pick him up from home. Last time, when he failed to pay EMI on time, the company had imposed Rs 900 interest for the late payment. Such torture made my husband upset and drove him to take extreme step,’’ narrated, deceased wife.

While another man Abdul Naved, from Malakpet area, said to be a Government employee, made a similar video standing near Jalpally Pond under Pahadisharif Police station Limits on  Wednesday. he was shown in a video left for his family members just before jumping in the pond and he said that he made his mind to end life due to debts.

“I have come at Jalpally Talab to end my life, I am unable to bear and clear the debts. You may claim my insurance after my death and try to bury me in my father’s grave,’’ said, Abdul Naved before his suicide near Jalpally Talab.

The Police, however, registered a case and is searching for hid dead body. 

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