AICC gets new president

ByVoiceup Media

Oct 19, 2022
AICC gets new President

Mallikarjuna Kharge has been elected as a new President of the Congress Party on Wednesday. Mr. Kharge has bagged 7,897 votes in the presidential polls and Mr. Shashi Tharoor got 1072 votes. Almost two decades after, the Congress Party got a new president from a Non-Gandhi family.

Mr. Kharge, 80, years old is a Rajya Sabha, MP who is going to lead the Congress Party. He was congratulated by the former president of Congress Party Sonia Gandhi and others for winning the presidential polls with a huge majority.

Prior to this, the votes were counted at the AICC headquarters and Mallikarjuna Kharge was declared as a new president of All India Congress Committee.

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