Karnataka: Cobra hides in a shoe, video goes viral

ByVoiceup Media

Oct 15, 2022

A video appeared on twitter on Saturday, showed a big cobra was hiding inside a shoe kept outside a home in Mysore.

The cobra was spotted by a man snuggled inside his shoe, as he was about to wear it.

When the snake catcher used his long hook to pull the snake out of the shoe then the cobra popped out and spread its hood in an aggressive mood.

It was terrified everyone standing around to see snake taken place in a small place curled inside the shoe.

Afterward the man managed to bring out deadly snake from his shoe. The moment and scene showed in the vide, not only surprised many but also cautioned each other to check the shoes before wearing them.

Generally, many people leave their shoes outside their respective homes and rush to put them on without noticing. Sometime, such incidents leave a message for the people to be careful and ignorance may be costlier.

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