Guntur man develops cycle-based grinder to keep someone’s healthy

ByVoiceup Media

Oct 14, 2022

A man in his early 40s has come out with an innovation idea to help out the housewives by attaching a cycling to a Grinder to grind something (Ingredients, pulses etc). The most people move out to flour mills to grind something but this idea may be helpful for them to grind pulses, ingredients at their respective homes.

As per his concept this innovation, which was developed to provide health benefits for the women while doing in their respective household works. Surya Pratab, is a professionally photographer who has associated a grinder to cycle.

“ I was inspired by an online video, which was designed the cycle grinder, which is run sans electricity,’’ said, Surya Pratap.

He says that one has to need to cycle to grind the pulses or any other ingredients, which may be beneficial and healthy method for in routine activities, generally as we seen busy women at homes. “Such method is not only a power saving method but also may keep someone healthy,’’ added, Surya Pratab.

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