SpiceJet flight makes emergency land at Hyderabad Airport

ByVoiceup Media

Oct 13, 2022

A Hyderabad-bound SpiceJet flight from Goa made an emergency landing at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport on Wednesday night, after the smoke forced pilot to alert Air Traffic Controller (ATC).

The aircraft SG 3735 made a safe landing following the ATC alerted the ground staff and the incident reportedly sent panic among the passengers as they were reportedly taken ill due to smoke.

According to sources there were 86 passengers on the flight and all of them are safe and sound. Initially, the flight had taken off from Goa at about 9.55 p.m and just before the scheduled landing at Hyderabad airport around 11.30 p.m, the pilot noticed the smoke in the cockpit, which led him to make an emergency landing.

The pilot, however, managed to land the flight on the ground without any harm to the passengers in the flight. Due to this, nine flights to other cities were diverted including domestic and international flights.

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