Teens get married at bus stop; video goes viral

ByVoiceup Media

Oct 12, 2022

In an astonishing incident, a 17-year-old body tied knot to a 16-year-old girl at a bus stop in the Cuddalore District of Tamil Nadu. The video of the teen married, has gone viral on the social media surprising everyone.

The boy studying polytechnic and the girl perusing intermediate were shown in the viral video that they were getting married in front of his friends. The girl is seen sitting in a bus shelter and the boy is seen tying three knots to her.

Apart from this, their friends were heard in the video wishing them for the their married. The police, however, said to have registered a case against them and one person has been arrested in this case, who allegedly shared the video on social media.

As per Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006, said that a man should 21-years old and a women must be 18-years-old for the marriage. Whoever performs, conducts, directs or abets any child marriage shall be punishable with rigorous imprisonment, which may extend to two years and shall be liable to fine, which may extend to one lakh rupees, unless he proves that he reasons to believe that the marriage was not a child marriage.

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