Spider with human like-face on its back found in Vikarabad District

ByVoiceup Media

Oct 9, 2022

Vikarabad Voiceup Media: A green spider with human like-face on its back was found in Tandoor town of Vikarabad District. The spider was spotted crawling in a house of one Ramakrishana at Saipur area, which drew everyone’s attention towards a strange and rare spider.

Initially, family of Ramakrishana did not heed towards this spider, then it was closely observed to find out the face of human like appear on its back. Afterward, the rare spider video was captured and viral it on the social media.

“It seems to be a strange to see such species in the houses, which rarely are found among the people. Though, generally, we take no note of such species, but when it is closely observed then something like will come out,” said, one of the family members at Saipur area in Tandoor Town of Vikarabad District.

In the video clearly can be seen crawling on the ground and on the wall of one Ramakrishna, resident of Saipur in Tandoor Town. “At first it was taken lightly but on closer inspect, it was clear that the back part of the spider resembled a human face, eyes and mouth,’’ added, Ramakrishna. Prior to this, it is reported that something like this was spotted in China and it was scientific name is Arrhenius Mythificus.

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