Ban on PFI is a threat to freedom of all citizens: SIO

ByVoiceup Media

Sep 28, 2022

Hyderabad September 28 (Voiceup Media) : SIO took strong exception against the ban imposed on PFI.

“The ban on PFI is a worrying development for all citizens and constitutes a threat to democracy and freedom. We may have many differences with PFI, but the response to disagreement cannot be prohibition,” said, SIO

The Student Islamic Organisation (SIO) further said that the ban had been preceded by raids and detention of hundreds of activists and common people without any evidence of wrongdoing.

“It makes us fear that this is another instance of selective criminalisation of those who try to represent the voice of marginalised groups,”

SIO appeal to all those who value their freedom to come forward and make sure this ban does not become another excuse for the unjust incarceration of innocent people across the country.

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