Holy Qurans cries for immediate attention

ByVoiceup Media

Sep 8, 2022

Found dumped behind Langer Houz Graveyard.

Hyderabad September 08 (VM): Large numbers of Holy Scriptures (Qurans) and religious books have been crying for immediate attention lying behind the Langer Houz Graveyard. Many holy scriptures were found torn, ripped, wrapped in sorry state.

The holy books are being placed and left behind on the walls and inside the graveyard by the unknown people. The graveyard committee claimed that it has asked people, not to leave any such holy scriptures inside the graveyards, but the trend is continued.

“We are asking people not to leave the holy scriptures (Qurans) here so many times. But they take it easy and continued the trend, dropping the religious books here and there. They need to be educated with regard to Holy books respect and safeguarding them. In our absence, some people are leaving the holy books else we are stopping them,’’ said, one of the graveyard’s committee members.

Scores of devotees visit to shrine (which is known as Langer Houz shrine (Dargah), regularly. But, there is no check and inspection being made regarding the desecration of the holy scriptures in certain parts of such places.


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