“Teacher’s real empowerment is lifelong learning” Prof. Amina Kishore


Sep 5, 2022

Hyderabad September 05 (VM): Prof. Amina Kishore, Former Dean, School of Languages, Linguistics & Indology, Manuu said that a teacher is nothing but magic who makes ‘your dreams come true’, ‘dissipates doubts’ and shows ‘passion and compassion’.

“The notion that a teacher is a powerful being gives a sense of empowerment. But the real empowerment is lifelong learning, moving with time, and receiving approval of learners,’’ Prof. Amina, while delivering a lecture “challenges of being a Teacher in 21st Century” organized by the School of Education and Training, Maulana Azad National Urdu University (Manuu) with regard to Teacher’s Day celebration.
A book of Dr. Taiyaba Nazli, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Education & Training was also released by the Prof. Syed Ainul Hasan, vice-chancellor.

Prof. Amina Kishore further said that challenge is health when it is viewed positively. A teacher cannot be without a challenge. “Not a day can pass in the life of teachers when there are no challenges,” She pointed out, “a few challenges such as resistance to change, unwillingness to learn and maintaining balance,”

Prof. Ainul Hasan said that there is no challenge bigger than classroom. “Each class has its own charm. Teachers have to correct themselves,” He considered that teacher is the most respected person in any establishment and their identity is most important. “Teacher must take a decision where to move or where not to move,’’ said, Prof. Ainul Hasan.

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